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Washcare & Aftercare


All garments are made differently and so may require different care.

Always read the care label of each garment and follow the guidelines to keep your garment looking new for longer.


Wash Care

Separate your wash into whites, darks and colours to prevent colours from running.

Wash coated fabrics and denim inside out to protect the surface.

Wash your garments at the correct temperature. If in doubt, always wash at a lower temperature.

Garments which feature panels or trims of different colours may contain fabrics that are designed to be washed together, but are not advised to be washed with other garments. Wash these types of garments separately from the rest of your washing.

Garments that feature tassels or other embellishments may get caught up in the washing machine – hand wash where possible.



Whites looking a bit drab and grey? It's important to check the product label to ensure the necessary safety precautions are taken. Check for these wash care symbols before attempting to use bleach and be very careful when using bleach.



Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning symbols are indicated by a circle with symbols inside which can be used to determine which method of cleaning is appropriate for your garment. These can be easily read by your dry cleaner.




Natural Drying

Always try to allow your garments to dry naturally to improve the longevity of the fabric.

Dry knitwear flat when you can – hanging can cause heavy garments to stretch and lose their shape.

Garments that feature tassels or other embellishments may get caught up in the dryer – dry naturally where possible.

Feathers are a natural product – allow to dry naturally if they become wet.




Tumble Drying

Using a tumble dryer to dry your clothes is the easiest way, but some products might not be suitable to tumble dry.

Tumble dry symbols are always in a square.




Always follow the heat setting recommended to press your garment without damage. Using a heat setting that is too high can burn or even melt the fabric of your garment. The more dots inside the iron symbol, the hotter the iron you can use.





Our shoes, unless you are advised by us – are not designed to be washed. If they get dirty, allow to dry and gently wipe or brush the dirt away depending on the fabric.

If leather shoes become wet outdoors, allow to dry naturally and stuff with paper to maintain shape and speed up the drying process. Using direct heat (e.g. from a hairdryer) to dry the leather can cause it to warp.

Suede shoes are delicate and require the right care. Using waterproofing spray to protect them from stains and water is ideal. Brush dirt off shoes when they are dry. Avoid letting your suede shoes come in contact with creams or oils.

Always use the suitable cleaning and conditioning products for the fabric of the shoe you wish to care for.