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Frequently Asked Question

  • Ordering

    • Can I cancel my order after placing it?
    • How do I place an order ?
    • Can I change my address once I've placed an order?
    • My order is not being accepted. Why ?
    • Why should I register for an account?
    • How can I register for an account with you?
    • How can I check my saved addresses before placing an order?
    • Is everything available on naqshonline.co.uk?
  • Payments

    • Why has my payment been declined?
    • Which payment methods can I use?
    • How do I know my payment is secure?
    • When will my payment be taken?
  • Discounts & Giftcards

    • The promo code I've entered is not working
    • How do I use a promo code?
    • Do you accept student discount?
    • What is a money off or percentage off discount?
    • What are multi-buy promotions?
  • Returns & Refunds

    • How can I return my item(s)?
    • Can I return my item(s)?
    • How long do I have to return my item(s)?
    • What are my return options?
    • Can I exchange my item(s)?
    • Can I return jewellery?
    • What are my cancellation rights?
    • Have you received my returned goods?
    • How long will my refund take?
    • My purchase is faulty. What can I do?
  • Delivery & Collection

    • When will my order arrive?
    • When will my order be ready to collect?
    • How long do I have to collect my order?
    • What happens if I don't collect my order?
    • What times can I collect my order?
    • What do I need to take with me to collect my order?
    • Can someone else pick my order for me?
    • Where is my order?
    • What are my delivery options?
    • What happens when I'm not in when my delivery arrives?
    • Where can I get my order delivered?
    • Can I get my orders delivered on the weekend or bank holidays?
    • What are my collection options?

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